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Editorial Extras

WOOD Magazine Issue 238 (March 2016)

Download the online extras for stories in WOOD Magazine issue 238, including the Book Nook Cutting diagram and full-size patterns for the Bent-lamination Spokeshave and Coopered Door Cabinet.

Download all full-size patterns for the Wood issue 237, December/January 2015/2016.

Download full-size patterns of the side (A) and rockers (E) for the Pint-size Rocking Chair in issue Issue #236, (November 2015).

November kicks off woodworking season in earnest. Before you get started, let's get your tools performing at their peak levels.

Download the 3 page cutting diagram for the Hidden-door Bookcase featured in issue 236 (November 2015) of WOOD Magazine.

October brings natural air-conditioning to your shop. You should be ramping up your holiday gift-building and dreaming about your upcoming Spring projects. But before you do, take care of these last-minute maintenance tasks to keep you running without interruption.

Download the 2 page cutting diagram for the Captain's Bed featured in issue 235 (October 2015) of WOOD Magazine.

September traditionally kicks off woodworking season. Soon it will be time to stop making lawn clippings and start making sawdust again. Here's your to-do list to launch you into the season. And don't forget: the holidays are closer than you think. Start planning your projects now to avoid the last-minute rush.

The following cutting diagrams provide you with approximate quantities of lumber required to build the tansu from WOOD issue 233 (July 2015).

In issue #232 (May 2015) of WOOD magazine, we provide a grid pattern of the doll stroller. But for your convenience, we've also made a full-size pattern available here as a free download.

Given the size of this pattern, you will likely need to print it using your printer's "poster" setting (print at actual size) to print on standard 8.5x11" paper. Then, simply tape or glue the segments together to form the full-size plan.

Don't be fooled by WOOD magazine renewal offers coming from unknown sources. To make sure you enjoy the best service and security possible, WOOD does not use outside parties or agents for renewal solicitations. All legitimate renewal notices from WOOD will come attached to your magazine. Here is a list of companies known to solicit renewals without our authorization.

Here's a preview of the articles, projects, and reviews from WOOD Magazine Issue 226 (July 2014)

Download the cutting diagram for the Dining-Room Chair featured in issue 231 (March 2015) of WOOD Magazine.

Download the cutting diagram for the Rock-solid Tapered-seat Bench featured in Issue 227 (September 2014) of WOOD Magazine.

Download the 2 page cutting diagram for the Craftsmen's Workbench featured in the September 2014 issue of WOOD magazine.

Save some scratch (and space) by going smaller, without sacrificing performance.

Just download and follow these step-by-step alterations.

Download the cutting diagram for the Mission-style hutch from the Dec/Jan 2013/14 issue of WOOD magazine.

These guys learned the hard way -- over time and on the job -- but you can skip ahead and simply reap the benefits of their labors.

Learning more skills and acquiring greater knowledge turns any woodworker into a more advanced version of himself.

My favorite furniture style, a distinctive take-off on Arts-and-Crafts design known as Greene and Greene, is not well-known. Still, I can use past WOOD magazine project plans to build my G&G pieces. And you can do the same to make furniture in your favorite style. Here's how.

Updates, corrections, and changes to the Back-Issue DVD-ROM Collection

When you're ready to apply your newfound SketchUp skills to designing woodworking projects, follow along as we show how to build the napkin holder from the March 2009 issue (189) of WOOD magazine.

Build a Napkin Holder in Google SketchUp, Part 2

On page 10 of the July 2008 issue of WOOD, the illustration for the quarter holders for the bottom right-hand corner of the coin map were corrupt. Click above to download the illustration.

These patterns are in addition to the full-sized patterns presented in the November 2005, Issue 166 of WOOD Magazine.

The drawings for the 3-in-1 Bed For All Ages starting on page 44 of issue 173, November 2006, are packed with information. To make the drawings easier to use, enlarged versions are available as a free download. If you missed this issue, follow the link below to purchase the entire downlodable plan.

As a small token of our appreciation, download our free 36-page eBook (a $6.95 value) all about how to finish your woodworking projects, starting with proper preparation and ending with how to rub out a topcoat to the proper sheen. Click below to download your eBook with our compliments. (4.7MB PDF)

Do you keep back issues of WOOD magazine for reference? And, if you haven't noticed, starting with issue 153, December 2003, WOOD magazine not only got thicker, but wider and taller. To house both the past issues of WOOD magazine and the newly upsized version, build these handsome and handy magazine file boxes. These boxes are as good looking as they are durable, and they're dimensioned to fit both sizes of magazines. Included with the box designs are the box-joint jig plan and procedure to machine this strong and decorative joinery.

Two simple jigs allow you to create the pogoda box top with ease. Learn how in this free video.

If a tree falls in the forest (or your neighborhood), can you salvage it for turning stock? Here we'll show you how to make quality bowl blanks from a promising log.

The gum ball goose featured in the July 2007 issue of WOOD (#177) requires full-size patterns. These patterns, available here, make cutting the pieces for this project a breeze. To download the project plans, visit the WOOD Store.

It's easy to do, and essential for the safe and effective operation of workshop machinery.

Rippled-surface log found on Winchester Bay by Gareth Mast, owner of Myrtlewood Gallery of Reedsport Oregon, and Marlen Kemmet, WOOD magazine Managing Editor.

We inadvertently omitted the full-size patterns for the zebra and rhino from the pattern insert in the July 2008 issue of WOOD. The patterns go with the Safari Puzzle on page 44. Click above for the missing patterns.

Ever been tempted by a Web-site offer of 14,000 woodworking plans for a ridiculously low price? The Shop Monkey bit on one of those offers and shares his experience.

Do you have the kind of shop other woodworkers like to visit? Is your shop filled with clever ideas that help you work smarter, faster, or safer? If so, submit your workshop for publication in America's Best Home Workshops, Volume 3.

Have a solution to a shop problem or a handy idea that might be of benefit to other woodworkers?

My first trip to Europe proved to be a thrilling and exhausting educational experience for me as I explored what makes Fein and Festool tools so good-and so expensive. Their engineers showed me they only accept less than perfect when it's just barely detectable under a microscope.

Updates, corrections, and changes from the very first issue of WOOD magazine to the present.

See how we build projects featured in the magazine, plus other great ideas for your woodworking projects.

As a service to readers of our Zinio digital edition, we're providing full-size patterns from WOOD #210 (March 2012) that will print on 8-1/2 x 11" paper.

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