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Tips & Techniques
From the first cut to the final finish coat, we've got the tips and techniques to improve your accuracy, make your tools work harder, and take your woodworking project to the next level.

Just-right Joinery

Learn the secrets that take your joinery from "good enough" to "perfect fit." We've got the shop-proven techniques for joints from dadoes to dovetails.

Tips galore!
Shop Tip of the Day

Work smarter, safer, and more accurately with tips from fellow readers and WOOD editors.

Dust-collection Strategies

Breathe easier with these shop-tested techniques and products for keeping your shop and air

Finishing Well

Don't apply a questionable finish to a perfect project. Use these tips to approach finishing with confidence.

Video techniques
12-minute Dovetails

Cut through-dovetail joints on your router table in about the time it takes to boil an egg!

Fine-tune Your Tablesaw

Even old hand-me-down saws and low-cost benchtop machines can produce clean, on-the-money-cuts.

Hand Plane a Board Flat

Learn how to square and flatten a rough board. No power tools required.

Techniques from the WOOD Store
Cabinets: the Quick-and-easy Way

Marc Adams talks you through his favorite fast-but-simple cabinet construction technique.

Getting Started in Woodworking

Basic woodworking skills collection that ensures success in any project

Turning Pro

Lessons from a professional woodturner may help you decide whether to take the hobby-to-pro plunge.

Master Your Router

Do more with this versatile workshop workhorse.

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