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Tablesaw jigs and accessories

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Miter Sled

Miter Sled

Build this sled in one evening and enjoy making perfect mitered frames for years to come. You'll turn to this miter sled like a trusted friend whenever your frames and other projects require gap-free corners. The sled's T-track holds mitered-end stopblocks in position without slipping while the 25"-long miter fences provide room to camp on extended stop for extra long workpieces. A hardwood block behind the fences shrouds the blade for added safety while channeling sawdust downward into the saw.

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Comments (27)
mcariglio327 wrote:

Love this magazine. Great tips, reviews and fun jigs to make. Hey we're all not cabinet makers and for the novice woodworker most projects are complicated enough.

5/15/2014 01:23:02 PM Report Abuse
3-j wrote:

I dropped my subscription a couple years ago, because WOOD virtually only covers simple furniture ... arts and craft, shaker, whatever. I'm interested in finer furniture, e.g., country French, but I've never seen a thing. No subscription from me for Shop 101 projects.

2/19/2013 10:31:08 AM Report Abuse
Traindriver9 wrote:

I concur, there hasn't been a very good plan in the mag or on here worth paying for. I did NOT renew my subscription, now I got a notice in the mail to renew now and get 3 years for the price of 1, not sure how that works?!? not worth it even at that price.

2/17/2013 04:34:21 PM Report Abuse
bigdaddylarryd wrote:

Looks like the powers that be need to read some of these comments. I have been with WOOD for almost a year & have not yet been offered a "free" plan worth the ink to print. This is not what I signed up for and I won't make the mistake of renewing only to get more nothing.Larry D.

2/13/2013 11:47:06 AM Report Abuse
ppluister wrote:

I totally agree with all of the above. WOOD used to be my favorite magazine, but here they go nickel and diming you to death!!! Phil

2/12/2013 10:38:35 AM Report Abuse
Candaball wrote:

Wow I thought it was just me; I have gotten and used a number of "free" plans from this site, but of late not so. It is disappointing that a new wood worker like myself has to pay for "everything" offered. Maybe a return to the way things were would serve to preserve some of your readership... Thx, I'll keep looking for tips to help learn the craft, alan

2/10/2013 09:57:41 PM Report Abuse
jim65604518 wrote:

Is it going to hurt the company so bad if you give a PDF file for free? I've been in custom woodworking for for over 20 years now. I have always shared simple plans with fellow woodworkers and not charge a penny. What is up with this?

2/10/2013 05:57:23 PM Report Abuse
gordncon2 wrote:


2/10/2013 10:00:01 AM Report Abuse
dipaola6 wrote:

You need to listen to your user-community. This is like subscribing to a price list.

2/9/2013 04:00:19 PM Report Abuse
gpdc1 wrote:

uuhhmm.....there is not one idea that you're selling that I could not figure out how to make just from looking @ the pics... just my .02..........

2/8/2013 06:36:32 PM Report Abuse
rflynn_1 wrote:

I will not be renewing my subscription. It's not worth it without the tips and plans.

2/8/2013 05:51:40 PM Report Abuse
Patrick George wrote:

I agree with all the comments about advertising to sell something and no free plans. Seems like the newsletter has lost something since Mr Granzow took over from Merlin Kimmet. The articles used to be more useful and everything wasn't just a "hook" to get you to buy plans or a book.

2/8/2013 11:11:06 AM Report Abuse
retros0000409037 wrote:

Hey! As the state in the article, Thie plans for this jig are in my copy of the July 2010 issue of Wood. I haven't checked all theor plans, but many are given free in the magazine. When you buy just the plans from them remember, it costs a small amount to reproduce the plans plus shipping and handling. Perhaps one could invest in a trip to the library or purchase the CD and get the orignal article.

2/8/2013 08:57:47 AM Report Abuse
antmorg wrote:

I also agree with the above, what is the point of having a subscription to a magazine when all the plans cost extra

2/8/2013 08:11:10 AM Report Abuse
bogey2 wrote:

WOW!! These comments are a bit of a kick in the head! Maybe you'll sit up and pay attention to your subscribers. I'm not cancelling my subscription yet but I agree with every comment. Bogey

2/8/2013 07:41:45 AM Report Abuse
mikegray wrote:

not impressed!

2/7/2013 11:03:18 PM Report Abuse
gilbertgi wrote:

Wow, I thought i was just imagining everything had a price tag. I'm refreshed now that I'm disappointed.

2/7/2013 07:49:45 PM Report Abuse
ke6kot wrote:

I also agree and hereby cancel my subscription!

2/7/2013 07:35:49 PM Report Abuse
sadcrg3 wrote:

Every thing I clicked on led to an offer to sell me something, disappointing

2/7/2013 06:54:08 PM Report Abuse
drzook1120971 wrote:

About the only reason I subsribe to your news letter, is for the tips. Now,I guess I"ll have to UNsubscribe to the news letter and rethink my magazine subscription.

2/7/2013 06:44:39 PM Report Abuse
jim486 wrote:

Tips? I only saw blatent advertising to sell ideas.

2/7/2013 05:33:39 PM Report Abuse
rmercier53 wrote:

Although I agree we should not have to pay for the plans, they look simple enough to build just by looking at the picture. I only use plans as a guide. Most of the time I just wing it.

2/7/2013 05:26:30 PM Report Abuse
tomgatz wrote:

What happened to all the free tips?? Why the charges all the sudden??

2/7/2013 05:16:08 PM Report Abuse
Mcnary wrote:

I agree will not renew

2/7/2013 04:33:14 PM Report Abuse
donald.newman wrote:

What is the point of having a subscription to a magazine when all the plans cost extra? My subscription is hereby canceled and not being renewed.

2/7/2013 04:32:50 PM Report Abuse
randyboughton wrote:

I agree and will not renew my subscription

2/7/2013 04:30:42 PM Report Abuse
jordanofmp1 wrote:

I am very disappointed that you are charging for all the jigs and accessories in this issue of the email. They used to be free, which made the cost of the magazine worthwhile. If you charge for everything I might as well find another magazine. This makes your magazine overpriced.

2/7/2013 03:30:39 PM Report Abuse

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