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Straight-Edge Cutting Jig

Here's a reliable way to rip straight edges onto ragged-edge boards.

Attempting to rip a straight edge along a board with irregular edges can be dangerous or downright impossible. One solution is to tack a straight board to the irregular board with finishing nails. But unfortunately, this method leaves small nail marks in the top surface of the workpiece.

So try this method: Construct a carrier board from 3/4" plywood to a width and length to accommodate most of your boards (14"x7' works fine in most cases). As shown above, you can quickly clamp the workpiece to this carrier board, and then rip one edge. Remove the workpiece from the carrier board, place the jig aside, and position the just-ripped edge along the fence to straighten the other edge.

straight edge cutting jig


Comments (6)
nmicke wrote:

I prefer to use a straight 2 x 4 fastened to a 1 x 6 clamped to my fence. The 2 x 4 was partially sawed to blade thickness along 1/2 the length. I can trim the width of the blade thickness until the edge of the piece is straight. Properly done they are straighten enough to glue.

4/18/2013 11:28:43 AM Report Abuse
llatl wrote:

Why can't I run a blade guard? I think my blade guard would simply slide over plywood jig and then over the board I'm cutting.

12/6/2010 02:20:53 PM Report Abuse
erndog_66 wrote:

Blade guards have not been around forever. Some I found to be more dangerous than sawing without.

11/15/2010 05:16:23 AM Report Abuse
Frostychevy wrote:

You can't run a blade guard with this setup. It works and since you are not going to do this on a daily basis extra caution just needs to be taken. I like it, it has saved me from wasting boards that are not fully straightalong the length.

11/14/2010 09:20:01 PM Report Abuse
drturner9 wrote:

Great idea, have used this idea for some time. Works great and saves lots of money, especially if you get your material from a saw mill.

11/11/2010 03:11:30 PM Report Abuse
woodhaug wrote:

Once again WM comes through. I built 2 sizes on for shorts and one for much longer pieces. They work great and I can pick grain dierction to joint the final edge. Hats off to you illustrators for the great drawings. The woodhaug!

11/23/2009 11:21:14 AM Report Abuse

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