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Shop-Made Tablesaw Tenoning Jig

If you're not prepared to pay $100 or more for a high-quality dado set, cut tenons with the workpiece held vertically on the tablesaw. You need a dependable jig for this operation; the drawing right shows you how to build one at minimal expense. We designed it to clamp the workpiece in place and ride flush against the rip fence.

Now, mount a combination blade in your tablesaw and add an auxiliary fence to your miter gauge. Also install a zero-clearance throat plate to keep the thin waste pieces from being caught and kicked back. Now proceed as shown below.

Step 1

Set the rip fence to establish the length of the tenon and adjust the miter-gauge auxiliary fence so that it nearly touches the rip fence. Set the blade height to establish the tenon thickness. Butt the workpiece against the rip fence and make four passes around the workpiece. Cut a test piece as well.

Step 2

Before cutting the finished piece, use your test piece to set the rip fence. Raise the blade to the kerf's height and set the fence to cut the face cheek on the left side of the blade. Make the cut, flip the workpiece around, cut the other face cheek, and test the result in a completed mortise.

Step 3

For the edge cheeks, remove the clamp and place a test piece as shown. Adjust the rip fence as necessary, hold the test piece firmly in place, and make the cut. Flip the piece edge for edge, cut the other edge cheek, and test the fit in a mortise. Adjust if needed and then cut the tenon edge cheeks.


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leebussyorg wrote:

Opening the enlarged image uses JavaScript - not supported in Chrome and possibly by permissions in other browsers.

12/26/2015 05:46:34 PM Report Abuse
Clouseau wrote:

This is probably the simplest tenoning jig I even seen, but I would like to see some type of spring loaded roller or guide on the back side to make sure it stays against the fence, especially when pulling back.

6/27/2015 06:58:44 AM Report Abuse
driftind1 wrote:


6/25/2015 07:34:26 PM Report Abuse
jctripp836180 wrote:

I pulled this link from the page source code:

6/25/2015 11:08:21 AM Report Abuse
Dennerd wrote:

works for me enlarged fine you have to wait for it to down load it took some time about a couple minutes

6/6/2013 05:07:37 PM Report Abuse
odiesdad wrote:

Select all you want of the text/pix. Control C to save Open a word processor; WORD. . Paste the saved information by using Control V. Adjust as required. . . Odiesdad

6/6/2013 03:22:01 PM Report Abuse
BOB HOOTS wrote:

loliskenhall, with your mouse, right clink, go to print and click

6/6/2013 03:18:58 PM Report Abuse
wodowd wrote:

Once again unable to enlarge image: at bottom of browser I get message "javascript: void(0)

6/6/2013 02:04:04 PM Report Abuse

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