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Resawing without a bandsaw

With a little work at the tablesaw, you can resaw wide boards without a riser-block equipped bandsaw.

A 6"-wide board is about the limit for resawing on a 14" bandsaw without a riser block. So how do you resaw something wider if all you have is a standard bandsaw, or no bandsaw at all? Here's how to do it with your tablesaw and a little elbow grease.

Step 1

Outfit your tablesaw with a tall auxiliary fence and a zero-clearance insert with a 1/8" splitter. Position the fence to center the board on the blade.

Step 2

Working alternately from both edges, make a series of shallow cuts, progressively raising the blade until reaching the maximum cutting depth of the saw.

Step 3

Insert a 1/8" spacer in one saw kerf, and clamp the board in your bench vise. Use a handsaw to cut through the web between the kerfs cut with the tablesaw.

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Comments (7)
northerner26 wrote:

i resaw my pine boards using a tablesaw and then split the rest on my bandsaw which cuts really fast since the 'webbing' is so narrow and it works great!

5/14/2015 08:41:38 PM Report Abuse
kbiasillo wrote:

what if you did the table saw cuts and then used the bandsaw for the 'web'... the channel might make it easier to finish up.

5/14/2015 07:14:47 PM Report Abuse
Friend30397 wrote:

I've never done it this way but it looks much better then the way I've been doing it. I'm sure going to give it a try soon!

5/14/2015 03:29:23 PM Report Abuse
Basil_Wood wrote:

Sho, reshult is each piece being five-shikteenths thick. [Sorry, speech problem: I lisp :)]

5/14/2015 10:45:03 AM Report Abuse
patsikes wrote:

One thing this article does not mention is stock preparation. Make sure the face of the stock that will ride against the tall auxiliary fence (a must), is absolutely flat and true, and that both edges are parallel and perpendicular to the jointed face.

12/28/2011 09:58:16 AM Report Abuse
northerner26 wrote:

i dont have a spacer block for my bandsaw so i have been doing it this way on my table saw for a few years and it works great.

10/14/2011 04:02:28 PM Report Abuse
labipac wrote:

it ,s very interesting i supose iwill working good now tkanks

10/6/2011 12:55:31 PM Report Abuse

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