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Quick-and-easy height gauge

Raise your cutting accuracy to new levels.

Set the cutting depth of tablesaw blades easily using this adjustable gauge. To ensure accuracy, we outfitted it with a steel rule. See Source below for the parts.

Start by cutting the body to size from 3/4" maple, as shown on Drawing 1. Plow a 13/32"-deep groove, sized to fit your rule, in one face of the body, where shown.

Next, set your dado blade to 1/4" and cut the combined rabbet and groove in the body for the sliding bar. To do this, place the gauge body on edge (ungrooved face against the fence). Cut the rabbet/groove in three passes, with the last one at 15/8", where shown on Drawing 1a. Drill and countersink the screw hole. Then, sand and finish the body.

Use a coping saw or scrollsaw to shape the 1/4" acrylic sliding bar to the dimensions shown. Create the adjustment slot by drilling a pair of 5/16" holes where shown and cutting out the material between them. Smooth the edges of the slot and the outer edges of the bar using a fine file. Buff the outer edges if you want to make them supersmooth. Now, scribe a cursor line on the back face, where shown.

Attach the steel rule in the groove using double-faced tape. Place the bottom end of the rule 1/4" from the bottom of the body. Then, install the sliding bar.

To use the gauge, set the cursor line to the desired height. Hold the sliding bar in its groove while adjusting the gauge to keep the bar square with the base. Place the body on the tablesaw top beside the blade, as shown in the photo, then raise the blade to set the height.

Hardware. Stainless steel rule no. 06K20.06 $2.40; 11/2" four-arm plastic knob (1/4-20 threads) no. 00M55.30 $2.20. Lee Valley; 800-871-8158,

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Comments (15)
deh4wood wrote:

Eaton474 is right ,so pay attention.

1/18/2013 10:08:06 PM Report Abuse
redramrver wrote:

does anyone know how to print this or save it without having to subscribe?

1/17/2013 04:57:19 PM Report Abuse
bkwhitley1 wrote:

Alternate way to mount the ruler - countersink some rare earth magnets in the base (presuming you're not using a non-magnetic stainless steel ruler). Works really well and allows for recalibration.

3/9/2012 03:52:57 PM Report Abuse
cms308 wrote:

on there is a program called "big print", I takes bit map converted images you save or scan to your computer and resizes to scale the dimensions of your object. it is fantastic!

3/8/2012 08:49:02 PM Report Abuse
knotcutter wrote:

lol i thought we were talking about the problem with the 1/4 inch at the bottom and not the printing problem. do what tallships2 said it worked for me too.

10/29/2011 03:14:52 PM Report Abuse
spirit11 wrote:

Trick with the cursor line. Use a utility knife to scribe the cursor line (only scribe once!) into the back side of the Lexan where it lays directly onto the rule. Use a permanent marker and draw over the line, then quickly wipe away the excess marker ink before it dries. You won't wipe the ink out of the scribe line itself, and you're left with a perfectly sharp, legible line for the cursor, and with it laying directly onto the rule, there will be no parallax error in reading it.

10/27/2011 11:45:27 AM Report Abuse
Jim Ott wrote:

Go to: to see the pictures.

10/27/2011 09:55:44 AM Report Abuse
abnranger76 wrote:

IMHO, I think the .25" off set is to allow for the teeth to clear the top of material to allow the carbide teeth of the blade to clear cut wood. As for enlarging image, if you are using Windows as OS, no matter which of the three Browsers you use (FF, IE, Chrome)hold the control button down and scroll with the mouse wheel, scroll wheel up enlarges and down makes it smaller.

4/3/2011 07:12:21 AM Report Abuse
jackw3025557 wrote:

For rickandajansplace, if you look carefully at the picture, the acrylic peace has a cursor line 1/4 inch up, so the ruler needs to be 1/4 up also. This allows you to line up looking through the plastic as opposed the the plastic edge. You should be able to put the ruler on the bottom and forget about the cursor line.

3/31/2011 01:23:51 PM Report Abuse
Eaton474 wrote:

As to the ruler touching the bottom, NO, it wouldn't be better as there is a scribe line on the lexan to compensate for this. Open your eyes before you post.

3/31/2011 01:22:19 PM Report Abuse
tallships2 wrote:

ok guys try this. Keep in mind I'm running Windows 7. Save image to desk top - open file - then you can enlarge and print. Worked for me Let me know how tis works out for ya, :o)

3/31/2011 12:18:59 PM Report Abuse
NoTalentRookie wrote:

Thanks Natrous.....those links worked perfectly.

3/31/2011 11:35:51 AM Report Abuse
jcotton11 wrote:

Also while in Firefox, to print the image, right click the image and select print picture.

3/31/2011 11:13:49 AM Report Abuse
jcotton11 wrote:

Try Mozilla Firefox browers. The images will enlarge with Firefox.

3/31/2011 11:06:23 AM Report Abuse
Natrous wrote:

Try and

3/31/2011 10:49:29 AM Report Abuse

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