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3-in-1 Tablesaw Upgrade and Saw-Top Dust Collector Plan

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Part Two

Next, add the outfeed

Note: Since tablesaw fences vary, review the Fence Configurations drawing to determine how to fit our outfeed table/motor enclosure with your fence. You'll need to adjust the mating pieces accordingly. When adding the assembly, keep the top surface of the outfeed table 1/6" below the top surface of the saw table.

1 Cut the top (L) to size, radiusing the back two corners where shown on the Outfeed Table/Motor Enclosure drawing.

2 Cut two pieces of plastic laminate to the same size as the top plus 1" in length and width. Apply contact cement to the mating surfaces, and secure one piece of laminate to the top of the outfeed table. Use a rubber roller to ensure a good bond between the laminate and MDF. Using a flushtrim bit, rout the edges of the plastic laminate flush with the edges of the top. Repeat the process to laminate the bottom side.

3 Cut the box back (M), sides (N), and support (O) to size from your sheet goods. Cut the cleats (P, Q) to size from solid stock. Then, cut the bottom (R) from 1/4" perforated hardboard.

4 Assemble the box in the configuration shown on the drawing. Rout round-overs along the back edge where shown on the drawing. Test the fit of the box against your tablesaw and trim if necessary.

5 Position the outfeed table on the motor enclosure, and carefully mark a pair of miter-gauge slots in the top to align perfectly with those in your saw top. Cut or rout the grooves to an 8" length. (After marking the groove locations, we used a straightedge and a router fitted with a straight bit to rout the grooves.) Then, mark and cut the slot for the splitter/guard support.

You're almost done--just sand, paint, and assemble

1 Fill any imperfections, and finish-sand the base cabinet, motor enclosure, door, and outfeed table.

2 Prime the assemblies. (We did this in several coats, using a sanding block with 220-grit sandpaper between coats to smooth the primer.) Paint the assemblies. Add a clear finish to the exposed edges on the outfeed table.

3 Hinge the door to the cabinet. Attach the wire pull and magnetic catch to the door.

Continued on page 3:  Part Three


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