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Tablesaw Accessories

Adjustable miter-gauge extension

With shop scraps, a router bit, and a pair of bolts, you'll have this shop helper up and running in minutes.

To keep hands away from the tablesaw blade while cutting dowel jigs, make a dowel-cutting sled to allow you make multiple cuts of identical lengths safely and accurately.

This shop-made fence-riding pusher adds downward pressure on the workpiece and keeps your hand well clear of the blade.

Get the most out of your space with the tablesaw outfeed table/bench in this free video.

Learn to reduce tearout with a zero-clearance insert in this free video.

A hassle-free fixture for your tablesaw

Determining an accurate blade width

"Stick to it" with this fence-protecting accessory.

For more woodworking plans for your tablesaw and other shop tools, visit the Jigs, Fences, Organizers, and Accessories section within the WOOD Store.

Want to make your tablesaw accomplish even more? Fit it with a jig or two for increased cutting and joinery capabilities. Many of jigs take less than an hour or two to build and can be used for a lifetime.

Having a roller stand in the shop is almost like having another person around to help you work with long and cumbersome material, but roller stands also have a frustrating flaw: If the material is warped or droopy, you'll probably knock over the stand before you get help from it. The tilting plywood platform, shown at right, virtually eliminates this problem.

Split a hair and make it square with our wide-body tablesaw accessory.

A stable mobile base for a tablesaw.

Keep your blades sharp, safe, and ready for action with this wall-mounted system

Raise your cutting accuracy to new levels.

The jig raises the pressure point on the panel, holding it tightly against the fence, and protects my fingers from the blade. I used biscuits to join the runners to the jig, but you also could dado the jig and glue the runners into place. (Note that the runners should be taller than the blade height.)

A slight tilt of a saw blade gives your corner splines a whole new look.

With a little work at the tablesaw, you can resaw wide boards without a riser-block equipped bandsaw.

Circular saw blades--sharp or dull--need tender, loving care. These two blade holders will protect the blades--and your hands.

Slotted holder keeps your blades in sight and ready.

Here's a reliable way to rip straight edges onto ragged-edge boards.

For most woodworkers the tablesaw is the centerpiece of their stationary tool arsenal.

When making repetitive tablesaw crosscuts, you typically clamp a stop on a miter gauge auxiliary fence and cut with confidence. But what do you do when the length of the cut extends beyond the face of the miter gauge? To solve the problem, I made a telescoping stop for my saw, as shown below.

Are you ready for on-the-money miters? Here's the solution.

Cut down your time making tapered cuts using this tablesawing shortcut.

An inexpensive, shop-built jig for top-notch machining and joinery.

This jig is head and "shoulders" above the rest.

Our handy support helps cut down ripping risks.

Simple setup for trimming the ends off banded pieces.

To make clean, chip-free, cross-grain cuts in veneered materials with your dado sets, use this zero-clearance insert in your tablesaw.

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