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Top-Drawer Blade Organizer Woodworking Plan

Store your expensive carbide-tipped blades between protective layers.

This handy divider lets you organize and protect your favorite saw blades. We dimensioned ours to fit into a drawer in our shop.

Get the plan

Purchase the Top-Drawer Blade Organizer Woodworking Plan, including step-by-step instructions, detailed illustrations, and a complete materials list.

If you like this project, please check out more than 1,000 shop-proven paper and downloadable woodworking project plans in the WOOD Store.


Comments (13)
danzchry wrote:

what a whiney bunch you are. click on the image, it's yours, want more detail pay for it. just as the ad explains.GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

7/11/2014 01:15:22 PM Report Abuse
MakesSawdust wrote:

What part of FREE Don't you people @WOOD Magazine understand ? Your Email said FREE, but this website says... "Purchase the Top-Drawer Blade Organizer" GET WITH THE PROGRAM

7/11/2014 12:07:48 PM Report Abuse
mrbeachey wrote:

I agree with all of the above. Please unsubscribe me from this type of commercial lead ons.

7/10/2014 08:49:02 PM Report Abuse
rruchti4390 wrote:

Meridith is a prime example of big city "don't give a s_ _ _" attitude. So what if they loose a couple hundred subscribers. They will just raise the price next year on all their mags. They have no clue what the word "FREE" means. But they have a degree so they know more than we do.

7/10/2014 01:38:38 PM Report Abuse
BSchram wrote:

It appears that no one at WOOD reads the comments or cares about the readers of their magazine. I posted the same comment about "free" plans 11 months ago as you can see below, yet WOOD still persists in the same misleading tactics, all for the almighty buck.

7/10/2014 10:30:14 AM Report Abuse
AAALt43 wrote:

This is getting out of hand here to look at good ideas cannot even enlarge it. If I must pay for everything and wait for each click and give out more and more information each time what is the point. Your advertising is killing your site. Please unsubscribe me. I DO NOT where I can do it my self.

7/10/2014 10:01:52 AM Report Abuse
bobsarrett wrote:

Free is not free if you have to pay for it!!!

7/10/2014 09:56:51 AM Report Abuse
Senior1947 wrote:

i agree with all the above

8/28/2013 01:42:43 PM Report Abuse
d.d.kelly.bodhi wrote:

Getting tired of come-ons. C'mon folks, this is wasting my time. If you're going to represent something as free, make it free Otherwize, don't disrespe t your readers with used-car sales tactics!!!!

8/26/2013 12:19:29 AM Report Abuse
dhein001 wrote:

+1 three times on the above. Unsubscribe.

8/24/2013 01:54:35 AM Report Abuse
par13143 wrote:

Ya.... when you have to follow links, submit information for offers, watch a video commercial for detergent.... Thats not free. My time is worth more than that. (Unsubscribe)

8/23/2013 01:46:35 AM Report Abuse
the_traveler911 wrote:

I agree

8/22/2013 07:53:13 PM Report Abuse
BSchram wrote:

Another "free" plan from WOOD Magazine as promoted in the weekly email, that's not free. A bonus is that you can't even enlarge the image as shown above. This is getting old.

8/22/2013 12:38:35 PM Report Abuse

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