Simple screw-box shelves

2 illustration of shelves
If screws come in good boxes, why toss those containers? Store them instead.

The 1-lb boxes that many fasteners come in are almost always the same size, regardless of the number or size of the fasteners they contain. This makes them easy-to-use, serviceable, prelabeled storage containers. This simple shelf unit holds the boxes for easy access.

It consists of three main components--a back and two sides of 3/4" stock with 1/4"-deep saw kerfs at 2" intervals. Once you attach the two sides to the back with screws, just slide in some 1/8" hardboard shelves to accommodate the boxes.
Most common fastener boxes measure 1 3/4 x3 1/2x4 1/2", so the dimensions shown in the drawing at right should be fine. But adjust your shelf unit as needed.

2 illustration of shelves

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