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Leg Stand For Stationary Tools

Build this leg stand as a sturdy support for any tool. Following these easy plans to size the stand for any tool in your shop.

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A leg stand, with its tapered and slightly splayed legs, makes a sturdy yet good-looking base for any machine. Use the dimensions shown in the Materials List to make one for your router table, or alter the lengths of the parts and make one to fit some other machine in your shop. To size the parts for any machine, follow these guidelines:

1) Subtract 1-5/8" from the length of the machine for the length of the side rails (A).
2) Subtract 3-1/4" from the width of the machine for the length of the end rails (B). (Be sure to measure for top edge.)
3) Subtract 3" from the length of the side rails (A) for the length of the cleats (C).
4) Multiply the total height by 1.074 for the length of the blanks for the leg halves (D). Screw a piece of plywood to the cleats and bolt your machine to it. Now, here's how to put your leg stand together.

Screw a piece of plywood to the cleats and bolt your machine to it. Now, here's how to put your leg stand together.

After cutting the rails (A) and (B) to the dimensions shown on the drawing, screw them together to form a rectangular frame. Fit the cleats (C) into the rail frame and screw them in place. Set the frame aside.

Cut blanks for the leg halves (D) to size, and before forming the legs, drill the holes where shown. Remember to make mirrored pairs. Bevel-rip the mating edges. Then, with the saw blade tilted at the same angle, cut the spline slots into the bevels. Next, make the angled and beveled cuts at the top and bottom of each leg half. Do not cut the leg tapers until the halves have been glued together.

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Comments (7)
daxthelm2 wrote:

Built this plan almost 10 years ago. Substituted a glue block instead of the spline and added casters. Very sturdy and stable, much more than any metal leg set.

6/21/2012 07:42:54 PM Report Abuse
Mike-Corson wrote:

If you click the "Print" link then select all the data and paste it in a Word or WordPad document, the larger pictures will be included with the page.

4/13/2012 10:05:06 AM Report Abuse
george1930 wrote:

I'm having a problem with measurments. Making the base narrower and shorter than the machine confuses me. I'm missing something here-maybe I'm just dumb??

4/12/2012 01:42:38 PM Report Abuse
llbaker4330 wrote:

If I want to save the plans I copy then paste to word. I find when I do that it gives me the small and the enlarged versions. I just delete the small ones

4/12/2012 10:17:44 AM Report Abuse
kplywood1 wrote:

Well-timed as I intend to pick-up a planer on the next purchase. Nice plan, however with my eyes I need to enlarge to get the fine details and the information from the Materials list. And, the enlarge feature is not working.

12/9/2011 11:51:33 AM Report Abuse

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