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Extension Cord Rack

This extension cord rack leaves both hands free to wrap up the cord.

Extension Cord Rack

After watching me wrestle with a 50' extension cord to wind it back onto a flimsy plastic holder, my wife suggested a more convenient solution—a wall-mounted rack next to the electrical outlet. The rack I built, leaves both hands free to wrap up the cord. To make the cord easier to remove, I installed "latches" that swivel out of the way.
Michael Ward, Spring Valley, Ill.

Caution: It is imperative that the cord always be completely removed and unwound when in use. If left wound, the cord will act as a transformer, and can cause overheating and/or a fire. This is true for any type of cord manager that winds the cord. When dealing with AC voltages, it's very important to not have "windings" in the circuit.

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