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Templates for Router Success

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Now, Cut It Out

Now, Cut It Out

A rubber or foam pad will hold your workpiece in place on your benchtop while you rout. Stick the template on the workpiece with a few dabs of hot-melt glue. If you're going to rout all the way through the workpiece, attach it to a backer board with hot-melt glue.

Use a straight or spiral upcut bit with the same cutting diameter as the bushing to produce a piece nearly the same size as the template. Or, try a V-groove bit to create a carved look. Set your bit to the desired depth, and rout counterclockwise around a positive-image template, or clockwise around the inside of a negative-image template. Make sure to keep the bushing pressed firmly against your template at all times.


To make a recessed shape, use the arrangement shown below. If you want the shape to stand proud of the surface, go with the set-up shown in the photo at left. Once you're done routing, pop the template off the workpiece with a chisel.


Comments (4)
neldor52 wrote:

You can also use a dremel tool to produce sharper inlay cuts

2/17/2015 06:18:40 PM Report Abuse
cmbaker71 wrote:

I do allot of scroll work and inlay the piece into the side of the box. The bushings and templates come in real handy, but trying to make the templates can be a pain and inaccurate. If you can get the use of a cnc machine it is much easier. I personally do not have a cnc machine, so I provided the material and had my son make them at his tech school.

3/29/2012 10:18:00 PM Report Abuse
Fred615 wrote:

With guides, you can adjust the depth of cut to suit your needs. With bits with bearings you are limited to minor depth adjustments based upon the thickness of the template and length of the cutting bit.

9/10/2010 06:45:32 PM Report Abuse
electronwriter wrote:

why do you need guides when you can get most sizes of bits with bearings already attached

9/9/2010 09:26:14 PM Report Abuse

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