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Auxiliary planer bed

Auxiliary planer bed

Auxiliary planer bed

It raises your workpiece to plane thin stock, and bevels too.

Thickness planers are wonderful tools; but like most machines, they have their limitations. Many of them will not thickness stock thinner than 1/4", and none of them will plane a bevel. However, outfitted with an auxiliary bed, any planer can perform both of these tasks. We designed our bed to fit a Delta portable planer, but you can change the dimensions, and the shape of the bottom-side cleats, to fit any planer. (The cleats prevent the jig from sliding on the table.)

The 3/4" thickness of the auxiliary bed raises the height of the workpiece so that you can plane stock less than 1/4" thick. There's no danger of damaging the knives because at the worst they will only cut slightly into the plywood surface.

By adding a spacer block under one side of the auxiliary bed, as we did in the photo, above, and the End View drawing, below, you can raise that side so the planer cuts a bevel. You'll find this handy for making such things as siding and thresholds. Note in the photo that we clamped down both sides of the jig. Additionally, we added a fence spacer on the low side of the jig to prevent the planer knives from cutting into the bed before it cuts the full depth of the bevel.

Smooth hardwood plywoods, such as birch or maple, work well for the auxiliary bed. If you use a lesser grade, sand it as smooth as possible and apply paraffin wax to lubricate its surface.


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Comments (15)
Starkwood wrote:

Jim Sanders - Rather than Silicone (which can leave residue on the wood that can impact finishing and staining, use Dry Coat spray. Works great and is designed for machine tops.

8/17/2015 05:34:36 AM Report Abuse
lescott526 wrote:

some good advice on the jig but i really liked the comments they helped a lot

2/19/2015 10:12:07 AM Report Abuse
raouf_tmzt wrote:

Ilike It

8/11/2014 06:28:30 AM Report Abuse
Jim Sanders wrote:

Instead of the paraffin wax I use a Silicon Spray which makes thing slide nicely. Also use it on the tabletops of the tablesaw, bandsaw, jointer, ect. At the same time it protects from the moisture and rust. Add arborite on the top of these types of jigs for a tough and very smooth surface.

1/7/2013 11:51:51 AM Report Abuse
68Hokie wrote:

I found a trick that really helped me adjust my infeed/outfeed talbes. I used a level between the two tables adn raised the level on the outfeed end by placing a penny under it and then adjusting the table to make it level. It worked and cut out all snipe.

1/3/2013 10:25:08 PM Report Abuse
rmstriker1 wrote:

i am using a delta 22-540 and was having big trouble with new blades 2 and snip. i thought they were installed correctly with magnet gage at .020 above knife locking bar. wrong, with mics set the blade to .010 reduced snipe to about 1 "

2/2/2012 11:17:43 AM Report Abuse
mikej16592002 wrote:

There have been numerious stories on end snipe. The one that worked for me was leveling my infeed/outfeed tables. There are adjustment screws on each table. Using a level allowed me to even out each table on my Dewault 12 1/2 in. planer and now everything works fine.

10/16/2011 10:01:58 AM Report Abuse
apotts3d wrote:

Printing was easy, right click with the mouse over the picture. When the menu board pops up click on print picture.It comes out about 1/3 of the page fairly easy to read. Wood Magazine, Thanks for this and all of the other usefull free jigs and plans you have provided over the years.

10/13/2011 02:19:40 PM Report Abuse
kwbymike20013589886 wrote:

Great idea. Thanks. What plywood would you recommend for the auxiliary bed that will not warp with the shop's humidity changes? I know that you mentioned hardwoods but will they stay flat? Just curious as I used a 7 or 10 ply plywood and it twisted just enough to render it useless for a bed.

10/13/2011 10:21:56 AM Report Abuse
Renz_refinishin wrote:

i like this one! i don't think it will do much for end snipe fellas! maybe a bit...but end snipe is no problem at my planer because i wait at the outfeed with a roller stand set to the proper height and hold up the end of the board coming out gengly but firmly...end snipe problem solved.

6/18/2011 09:24:51 AM Report Abuse
esb652 wrote:

I made one about like this from a cabinet top is smooth .works great

6/16/2011 06:22:21 AM Report Abuse
chorner274959 wrote:

This jig will also allow you shim underneath to flatten boards

2/8/2010 06:58:47 PM Report Abuse
mcarroll711 wrote:

i have this Delta planner and have always experinced end snipe. I am hoping this jig will end or minimize that.

2/4/2010 02:29:52 PM Report Abuse
miller100s wrote:

Does this jig have any effect on end snipe that is typical for this type of planer?

1/31/2010 09:15:20 PM Report Abuse
m.rougier wrote:

now this is the best jig i have came across in a verylong time ..i cant wait to try it out on my next project ..Thank You

11/5/2009 09:55:05 PM Report Abuse

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