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Jointing and Planing

Auxiliary Planer Bed

It raises your workpiece to plane thin stock, and bevels too.

Aligning jointer knives doesn't have to be difficult. Using an inexpensive dial indicator, a shop-made holder, and these six simple steps, you can achieve perfection in under 30 minutes.

I move my jointer around the shop thanks to its mobile base, but it seemed like wherever the jointer was, my pushpads weren't.

This pair of simple-to-build jigs will help you get the most from your planer.

Cut workpieces to uniform width with your planer.

Trim miters quickly and accurately with nothing more than a shaper hand plane and the jig shown here.

Keep your hands safely above the fence with our simple, extra-tall shop aid.

For more woodworking plans for your jointer, planer, and other shop tools, visit the Jigs, Fences, Organizers, and Accessories section within the WOOD Store.

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