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On-the-mark circ-saw jig

On-the-mark circ-saw jig
Try your hand with a jig that delivers accuracy for left- or right-bladed saws.

This circ-saw fence helps me cut squarely and precisely to a mark. The sliding jaw locks in place with a thumbscrew, keeping it snug against the workpiece.

The jig shown is for my left-bladed saw, and the 1 1/2" width to the right of the fence represents the distance from the edge of the saw base to the blade. On right-bladed saws, this dimension will be longer. To get a precise zero-clearance edge, leave 2" or more of stock to trim with your saw after assembly.

After that, to make a dead-on cut, simply align the end of the T-square head with the marked cutline, close and secure the sliding jaw against the workpiece, and run your saw's baseplate along the fence.

— Chris Boenig, Clarksville, Tenn.

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On-the-mark circ-saw jig
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