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Repairing dowel-jig mistakes

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Plug the hole and redrill
2 dowels off center
Enlarge Image
Dowel hole filled and redrilled
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The crescent-shaped section of the
plugged dowel proves as solid as
the workpiece, and it will be hidden
within the joint.

Plug the hole and redrill

GOOF: Your holes are off the mark or too large.

It can happen to anyone: You've misaligned the dowel jig, and now your dowel holes on one workpiece don't match up with those on the mating piece. Or maybe you used the wrong drill guide bushing and bored holes too large for the dowels you want to use.

How to fix it: Simply glue in a hardwood dowel that fits the errant hole, let it dry, and then trim and sand it flush. Now, line up your dowel jig to the correct mark, using the right size drill bit and matching guide on the jig, and drill a new hole.

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