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Dowel jig has perfect cuts pegged

I needed a number of same-length dowels for a recent project. To keep my hands away from the tablesaw blade while cutting these, I made a dowel-cutting sled that allows me to make multiple cuts of identical lengths safely and accurately.

First, I cut a 1/4" slot 1/4" deep across the sled that safely holds dowels from 1/4" to 7/18" in diameter. Next, I attached a 1x2 clamping fence to the sled as shown, and clamped it to my miter gauge so that the distance between the right-hand edge of the sled and the saw blade equaled the length of the dowel I wanted.

To make multiple dowels, I slide the dowel stock so that it?s flush with the edge of the jig, make the cut, and then back the sled out of the blade. Sliding the dowel stock to the end of the sled again safely ejects the cut-off dowel and readies the next cut. You can cut additional kerfs in the sled, if you like, for different lengths of dowels as needed.

— David Ramsey, Cleveland, Tenn.


Comments (6)
tporta63988 wrote:

Enlarge the picture, drag your mouse over the area you want to print. Right click mouse, choose print. This is not as good as a PDF but you can print this way..

3/27/2015 10:01:34 AM Report Abuse
gufd_1946 wrote:

I'm not having any trouble getting the free jigs off this site!!

4/18/2013 12:35:24 PM Report Abuse
wood-chuck wrote:

@Killbuck the download, print issue is pretty consistant on this site. You would think that afet all this time they would have it working. Pretty frustrating when you have to cut and paste and mess around just to get a free plan. Leaving comments doesn't seem to help. Common Wood get your act together!

8/20/2012 05:11:21 PM Report Abuse
Killbuck wrote:

Having same problem with this plan as with #2, won't print. It shows no way to download any PDF of it so it can be stored, as well as printed. Becoming a major discouragement.

8/14/2012 07:15:24 AM Report Abuse
WJM Novice Wood Worker wrote:

I too use my small cross cut sled for this purpose. I'm so thankful for finding that here in one of the articles. I now use the sled for numerous applications.

12/22/2011 10:38:27 AM Report Abuse
Coonhunter5419 wrote:

Another way of doing the same thing. My cross-cut sled has two removable stops: one provides a "hold-down" for thin wood, and; the second allows repeated cuts of stock to the same length. The first is on the right hand side of the sled, and allows thicknesses from virtually zero to 2.5 inches. The second is on the left hand side of the sled and allows lengths of about 0.5" to about 4". Both are removable. I can provide JPEGs of this sled on request to e-mail address "".

11/29/2009 04:48:00 PM Report Abuse

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