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Telescoping work support rises to the occasion

A reader shares his design for an adjustable work support.

As a frugal woodworker looking for ways to put pieces of scrap material to work, I designed this adjustable work support to provide a helping hand when working with long material at my miter-saw or drill press. The movable part of the stand is held in place through applied friction, and it's simple to adjust up and down according to your needs.

The T-knob, T-nut, and strike plate are held in the scrapwood T-knob housing, shown below, and provide the pressure on the clamp board. The housing also holds the sides of the base rigid while allowing the clamp board to lie loose along its upper half. To make fast adjustments, mark the heights for different tools or applications on the adjustable post.

-- John Lanigan, Concord, N.H.


Comments (9)
jhernandez40712 wrote:

I would add a PVC pipe to make the piece being worked slide better (less friction)

10/22/2015 12:00:30 PM Report Abuse
jesus1sthoward wrote:

nice. one thing you might want to change,flip your T-rest so the 16" is facing your push/pull it won't fall over. Or make it 16" sq.

5/17/2012 05:18:19 PM Report Abuse
girardsl wrote:

I think this is a great design and the man who provided it is not only genius but a wonderful person to take the time to share his design with all of us! Thank you! with all of us! Thank you!

1/25/2012 09:20:47 AM Report Abuse
cocopuff5 wrote:

triangular bases do not guarentee level -- however, they never wobble.

9/28/2011 01:20:26 PM Report Abuse
gd43451 wrote:

Mine is also very similar to this one, except I bought a wooden rolling pin and attached it to the top crossbar, that way when feeding the work onto the support everything rolls nice and smoothly across the top and eliminates the chances of the work sticking and tipping it over.

9/23/2011 07:15:48 AM Report Abuse
cvellafl wrote:

I made one very similar to this and, after some use, switched to a triangular base...much more stable

4/16/2010 07:30:40 AM Report Abuse
fredj608 wrote:

Or just a rectangle with only three feet on the base, arranged more or less like a equilateral triangle.

4/15/2010 03:49:36 PM Report Abuse
michael.rhum wrote:

Thanks. I'm going to use this basic design to make a music stand.

4/15/2010 11:34:44 AM Report Abuse
dragoondude wrote:

Good design except the base; if it were an equalateral triangle with feet on the bottom it could set level an any surface(few concrete floors are level).

4/15/2010 10:30:16 AM Report Abuse

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