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Small parts miter-maker bench hook

Cutting perfect miters in small project parts using a tablesaw or mitersaw can be dicey. But with a handsaw and this bench-hook miter box, you'll cut those angles with ease.

Don't throw away that workpiece just because of a little accident. Get back on track with these quick fixes.

Here's your low-cost ticket to accurate, convenient, and safe table-mounted routing.

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but it shouldn't take a thousand tries to assemble a frame. One of our readers shares a quick tip for putting them together in a cinch.

This jig raises your workpiece to plane thin stock, and bevels too.

This resawing guide lets you correct for blade drift, and you can build it from parts you probably have lying around your shop.

Here's a quick-fix jig that will come in handy the next time you need to bore a vertical hole into the end of a long workpiece.

Set precise angles in no time.

Build a quick-and-easy disc-sanding jig for a simple way to perfect circles.

Learn how to make a disc-sander circle jig that helps you make circles without holes for your next woodworking project.

Create precise chamfers on dowel stock with this nifty disc-sander accessory jig.

To keep hands away from the tablesaw blade while cutting dowel jigs, make a dowel-cutting sled to allow you make multiple cuts of identical lengths safely and accurately.

Doweling can turn dicey when the dowels don't quite measure up to their stated diameter-or the hole you drill is too shallow or too deep. The solution? Build our 4-in-1 dowel gauge.

Mount every type of pull precisely with this quick-to-make drilling guide.

Mounting drawer pulls has never been easier than with this handy shop helper.

Even more of WOOD's best free jig plans.

Cut dadoes to the desired width with the help of this handy shop aid.

Guarantee perfect rip cuts with this quick-to-set table-saw helper.

To use the fairing stick, start by figuring out the endpoints and midpoint of the arc you want to create.

Create your own box joint jig with help from this free video.

Learn to set up and use a dovetail jig with this free video.

Cutting on-the-money rabbets for half-lap joints with a portable circular saw and handheld router is a breeze with this two-in-one jig.

Transfer hinge locations from door to carcase with marksmanlike accuracy.

Ease your turning-between-centers' woes by first knocking off square corners with this bandsaw jig.

Make your miter-gauge extension work longer and harder by increasing its reach.

For more woodworking jig plans for your shop, visit the Jigs, Fences, Organizers, and Accessories section within the WOOD Store.

A simple guide to support your chisel for accurate cuts.

Inserts prolong the life of this jig.

Woodworking instructor Carol Reed's shop-made push blocks not only protect your fingers at the router table, they give you much more control for accuracy and success.

This circ-saw fence helps me cut squarely and precisely to a mark.

Having a roller stand in the shop is almost like having another person around to help you work with long and cumbersome material.

Split a hair and make it square with our wide-body tablesaw accessory.

This edge-guide works so well for breaking down sheet goods that I decided to dedicate a circular saw to it.

This pair of simple-to-build jigs will help you get the most from your planer.

Cut accurate miters without tilting your blade.

The jig raises the pressure point on the panel, holding it tightly against the fence, and protects my fingers from the blade.

Use it with your sander to get the perfect results you want in seconds.

Anytime you need to hold two large workpieces at a right angle, say while you're screwing or gluing them together, you need one or more of these plywood triangles.

Trim miters quickly and accurately with nothing more than a shaper hand plane and the jig shown here.

Build your own jig for routing precision

Routing small parts can be tenuous. And, if you're in a hurry, the temptation can be there to hold the part with your hand. Don't use this free plan to build your own router jig for machining small part safely.

Here's a handy method for beefing up long, mitered joints in jewelry boxes and the like.

A slight tilt of a saw blade gives your corner splines a whole new look.

Here's a reliable way to rip straight edges onto ragged-edge boards.

A reader shares his design for an adjustable work support.

Shop-made accessory enjoys on-again, off-again attraction.

Are you ready for on-the-money miters? Here's the solution.

For cutting long or wide stock on your tablesaw, this simple jig makes crosscutting safer and is like having a second set of hands.

This super-accurate tablesaw miter sled will quickly become your go-to jig for cutting perfect miters.

Build you own router mortising jig for precision machined mortises.

A reader shares his design for an adjustable work support.

Using scraps, build a T-square biscuit joiner to make woodworking even easier.

Follow along as we share the plans for the very jigs used in the WOOD magazine shop to make the most of our woodworking machines.

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