Tough wing nut? Put away those pliers

wing nut 1

Many jigs and fixtures have wing nuts for making adjustments without wrenches. But in my efforts to keep them secure, I often tighten them to the point where I can't loosen them. And over the years, I've broken a lot of wings off using pliers.

So I designed the "palm wrench," (Click on the link below to view), to give me more leverage. I slip the wrench over a stubborn wing nut or thumbscrew, rotate it until the wings catch in the grooves, and break the rascal loose. The center hole accommodates a bolt that may protrude through the wing nut and also makes a handy hole for hanging the palm wrench on perforated hardboard.

—Manny Davis, Sherman Oaks, Calif.

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wing nut 1
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