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Window Sash Set

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Steps 1 - 4

Steps 1 - 4

1 Cut your stiles, rails, sash bars, and muntins to width and length from 1-3/8"-thick stock. Here's how to calculate the lengths of your parts, using an 18X24" window with 3"-wide rails and stiles as an example.

First, cut the stiles to the full height of the window (24"). To figure rail length, subtract the combined width of the stiles (6") from the finished width of the window (18"). To this number (12"), add the length of two tenons (1-1/4" + 1-1/4") and 1/2" (for the coped joint). So, for our example we cut the rails 15" long. Cut the sash bars and muntins 3/4" wide and calculate their lengths as you did the rails. (Plan to cut 1-1/4"-long tenons on both ends of the sash bar and muntins; you'll trim the muntin tenons that intersect with the sash bars to 1/8" long later.)

2 Mark the face side of your workpieces (the inside surface of your window or the most-viewed side of your door). Also mark the outside edges of the rails and stiles, and place marks centered on the rails and stiles where they intersect with the muntins and sash bar and on the sash bar where it intersects with the muntins.

3 To cut 1-1/4" tenons on both ends of the rails, sash bars, and muntins, install a full-width dado set in your tablesaw, and adjust it for a 5/8"-high cut. Position the saw's fence 1-1/4" from the side of the dado set farthest from the fence. Place the workpiece on the tablesaw face down with one edge against a miter gauge and one end against the fence. Make the cut in multiple passes as shown at left.

4 Position the rail, sash bar, or muntin face side up on the tablesaw. Place a 1/8" spacer between the workpiece and tablesaw top as shown at left, and make the same cut as described in the previous step. Your tenons should be 1/4" thick.

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