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3 Kitchen Clutter Organizers

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Rail to slide drawers on
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Screwing into side rail
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Driving the screw separates a poorly
clamped joint, throwing off the part
alignment even if the screw pulls
the joint back together.

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How to make organizers ride on slides

Both the slide-out trays and the cookie-sheet organizer require full-extension, side-mounted slides (see Source) that attach to your cabinets. The cabinet-mounted part of each slide first requires slide-mounting strips.

• For a single-door base cabinet, cut two strips 2 1/2" wide and plane them to fit flush with the face-frame stiles, as shown far right. Screw the strips to the cabinet sides with their bottom edges on the cabinet bottom.
• For a double-door cabinet with a center stile, as shown on page 4, first mount strips inside the cabinet as in a single-door cabinet. From 3/4x2 1/2" hardwood, cut two slide-mounting strips that reach from the inside face of the center stile to the cabinet back.

From 3/4"-thick hardwood, cut two spacer blocks to a width equal to the width of the cabinet?s center stile minus 1 1/2". Then cut both blocks 2 1/2" long. Center, drill, and screw a spacer block to the center stile at the bottom. Measure from the cabinet side to the center-stile spacer block and screw another spacer block to the cabinet back that distance from the side. Drill and screw slide-mounting strips to the front and back spacer blocks, as shown below right.

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