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3 Kitchen Clutter Organizers

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Assemble the Organizer

Assemble the Organizer

Build to your dimensions

Attach solid-wood or iron-on edging to 3/4" plywood for front and back panels the width of your finished organizer. Then subtract the combined thickness of the panels from the length of the organizer. Cut the six rails that length from 3/4x2"-wide stock for the upper rails and 3/4x3"-wide stock for the bottom rails. Now cut the plywood bottom to the same length as the rails and the width of the front and back panels, as shown in the illustration.

Dry-assemble the organizer with the rails and bottom butt-joined to the front and back, and drill countersunk pilot holes in the front and back. Glue and screw the front and back to the rails. Now glue the bottom to the bottom-rail edges. Finally, cut slide-mounting rails the length of the organizer and glue and screw them to the bottom.

Now put it to work

Attach slide-mounting strips to the sides of the cabinet as explained in "How to make organizers ride on slides," shown on page 8. Then screw slides to the slide-mounting strips and the slide-mounting rails on the organizer.

We made a new door for the cabinet shown in the photo as part of the kitchen remodeling, but you can mount an existing door on the organizer just as easily after removing its hinges. With the organizer in place, tape a scrap spacer to the back to bump the front just proud of the cabinet face frame. Then place double-faced tape on the organizer front, center the door on the face-frame opening, and press it against the tape. Drill and screw through the organizer and into the door. Then stand your bakeware on edge in the organizer with the shortest pieces to the outside for easy reach.

Continued on page 8:  Add the Slides



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