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3 Kitchen Clutter Organizers

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Cookie-Sheet Organizer
Pull out tray with cookies sheets
Enlarge Image
Position the rails to support your flat
pans, cookie sheets, and cutting
boards. The bottom rails act as the
sides of a long tray.

Cookie-Sheet Organizer

3 Tame the cookie-sheet monster

If pulling out a pan from your bakeware stack sounds like a five-car pileup, restore calm to the kitchen with a sliding cookie-sheet organizer built for your needs. Then hide it by attaching a new or existing cabinet door to its front.

Door open with trays
Enlarge Image
We have no idea why this door had
two knobs. They didn't prevent a pan
Size the Organizer

Make the total width 1" narrower than the face-frame opening to allow clearance for the slides. This organizer's height can be anything up to the height of the face-frame opening, although we made ours about 4" shorter to save material. Make the overall organizer length about 1" less than the cabinet depth.

Continued on page 7:  Assemble the Organizer



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