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3 Kitchen Clutter Organizers

Build the Trays
2 steps of cutting
Enlarge Image
Use Step 1 to dado both ends of each
tray side. For Step 2, tape a 1/4"-thick
shim to the rip fence and rabbet both
ends of each tray front and back.

Build the Trays

Build to your dimensions.

Cut the tray sides to length and the fronts and backs 1 1/2" shorter than the tray width you calculated. Cut the front faces 1/4" shorter than the width of the opening in the cabinet frame.

Next dado the inside faces at both ends of the tray sides, as shown in Step 1 of Drawing 3a. Then cut mating rabbets on the ends of the fronts and backs, as shown in Step 2. Cut grooves in the front, back, and sides for the tray bottom. Measure between the bottoms of the grooves and cut the tray bottom to fit within the grooves. Assemble the tray and finish-sand to 180 grit. Stain the front face to match your cabinets and apply three coats of clear finish. (We used satin aerosol lacquer, sanding with a 320-grit sponge between coats.)

Now put it to work.

Choose the longest slides that fit the depth of your cabinet. To use 22" side-mounted, full-extension slides (see Source on last page), first install mounting strips running from the front to the back of the cabinet sides. See "How to make organizers ride on slides" on page 8. Install both tray-mounted slide parts flush with the bottom edge of the tray sides. Mount the tray in the cabinet and check that it slides smoothly.

Next apply double-faced tape to the tray front face. Center the front face in the opening with 1/8" reveals on both sides and above the rail or shelf edge. Then drill and screw through the tray front to mount the front face.

Continued on page 6:  Cookie-Sheet Organizer


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QuinF wrote:

Jeeze, if you select Print This, at the top of the screen, it formats it correctly and then you can print it to PDF.

8/31/2010 09:12:48 AM Report Abuse
Loupie wrote:

To save a copy do the following. Click on Print to get All section in one then press Ctrl A (or Select All) then Ctrl C (or Edit/Copy), open Word and Ctrl V (or Edit Paste) then save the Word document

8/28/2010 09:29:08 PM Report Abuse
ephillip3000266 wrote:

Great way to help the wife. I'm half way through my base cabinets now, but I used bottom slides instead of side mounts. It was easier to position them on exsisting shelving.

8/26/2010 03:08:01 PM Report Abuse
wyatthundrup wrote:

In the drawer organizer, one option is to make the center divider straight and instead drill a 1" hole in it so you can easily grab it and pull the tray out of the drawer. This is nice if you're setting utensils out for large parties.

8/26/2010 01:26:49 PM Report Abuse
michelcp wrote:

Click on the "Print this" at the top of the article and then atleast it gives you the whole article that you can either print or cut-and-paste into a Word Document that you can easily save.

8/26/2010 10:00:27 AM Report Abuse
Craig at WOOD wrote:

The single download link is always offered on the last page of each online project plan. This gives you the opportunity to view the entire plan before downloadiog it. Marlen @ WOOD

8/4/2010 11:01:23 AM Report Abuse

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