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3 Kitchen Clutter Organizers

Time for Trays
Organzied pans under drawer
Enlarge Image
Full-extension slides bring the entire
tray out into the open. We added trays
to only the fixed shelf on these cabinets
because hinges would have blocked
trays on the bottom. But your cabinet
doors may allow stacked trays on both
the shelf and cabinet bottom.

Time for Trays

2 Base-cabinet contents come to you

When half of a cabinet's contents prove so hard to reach that they might as well be in the garage, it's time to take back control. Sliding drawerlike trays that extend the depth of a cabinet bring even the stuff at the back out where you can see and reach it.

Disorganized pans
Enlarge Image
Bending and stretching to retrieve
contents from the back of these
cabinets was literally a pain in the
Exploded view of tray
Enlarge Image
Size the Trays

First measure the width of each base cabinet face-frame opening and subtract 1". Then measure from the inside of the face frame to the cabinet back (usually about 23"). Size the overall tray length 1/2-1" shorter than the cabinet depth. We designed our trays with 2 1/2"-wide sides, fronts, and backs [Drawing 2].

Continued on page 5:  Build the Trays



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