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3 Kitchen Clutter Organizers

Build it to fit
Exploded view of drawer
Enlarge Image
Clamping parts inside of drawer
Enlarge Image
Spacers between the silverware
partitions keep the left-to-right
partitions 90° to the tray bottom.

Build it to fit

Build to your dimensions

Prepare enough 1/2"-thick stock to make the front, back, sides, and partitions. Cut all parts to width; then the sides to length. Now cut the front, back, and two left-to-right partitions 1" shorter than the outside width of the organizer. Cut to length the front-to-back partitions separating the silverware. To make items easy to reach, mark a centered, curved cutout on each partition using a compass or fairing stick. (See More Resources, on last page) for how to make and use your own fairing stick.) Bandsaw on the waste side and sand to the line.

Quick Tip: Combine your cuts. Instead of cutting each curve separately, tape together a stack of identical blanks and lay out the curve on the top blank. Then bandsaw and sand the stack to create parts with identical curves.

Dry-assemble the organizer with the silverware partitions and left-to-right partitions in place, and measure for optional partitions at the front or back. Cut these to size and double-check the fit. Then finish-sand the partition parts to 180 grit.

Working on a dead-flat surface, glue and clamp the silverware partitions to two left-to-right partitions, as shown in the photo. (To shorten clamp times, use a nailer with 1" brads.) To this assembly, glue, clamp, and nail the sides, front, back, and remaining partitions. After the glue dries, measure the assembly length and width, and cut a bottom to size from 1/4" plywood. Glue, clamp, and nail the bottom to the assembly. Then apply three coats of clear finish, such as polyurethane.

Continued on page 4:  Time for Trays



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