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Lap Desk for Kids

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Prepare the Parts (Continued)

Prepare the Parts (Continued)

6 Using your table-mounted router with a 1/8" round-over bit, rout along the top front edge of the lid rest (D), where shown on Drawing 1. Then switch to a 1/4" round-over bit, and rout along the top back edge of the lid (E). Now mark centerpoints for two #6x3/8" flathead wood screws in the top face of the lid rest, where dimensioned. (The screws align with magnets you'll install in the bottom of the pencil box later.) Drill the countersunk pilot holes at the centerpoints.

7 To form a finger recess on the front (C), first lay out a 1x5/8 " area centered on the front, where dimensioned on Drawing 1. Then chuck a 1 1/2"-diameter sanding drum with a 150-grit sleeve in your drill press. Holding the front against the drum at approximately 20°, sand the recess.

8 From 1/4" plywood, cut the bottom (F) to size. Then, from 3/4" stock planed to 1/2", cut the divider (G) to size.

9 To form the turn buttons (H), plane 3/4" stock to 3/8". Then cut a 2x6" workpiece. Make two copies of the full-size turn button pattern, Drawing 3 . Spray-adhere the patterns to the workpiece, aligning the straight edges with an edge of the workpiece. Drill countersunk shank holes through the buttons. Next, using your scrollsaw with a no. 3 blade, cut the buttons to shape. Using the sanding drum in your drill press, sand the edges smooth. Now hand-sand a 1/16" round-over along the top rounded edges.

10 From 3/4" stock resawn and planed to 1/4", cut the front/back (I) and ends (J) to size for the pencil box. Then, from stock planed to 1/2", cut the bottom (K) to size. (Your partner will drill the holes in the bottom for the magnets later.)

Continued on page 4:  Assemble the pieces


Comments (10)
k a martin wrote:

Why do you not provide this to be down loaded by FIREFOX?

10/30/2011 05:17:09 PM Report Abuse
Robert Huenke wrote:

would lbe nice for addults to

8/27/2010 06:22:45 AM Report Abuse
tbclark7 wrote:

built one that holds a lap top, and gave it my God Daughter for a graduation present ... she loves it. Would up a pic, but do not see how to do it here. Made it from multiple type woods so she could see the different woods.

8/19/2010 07:58:04 PM Report Abuse
paulfs wrote:

To download the plan, goto the plan, click Print, scroll to the bottom of the plan and click download.

8/19/2010 12:14:37 PM Report Abuse
tlwhitley wrote:

for herbwofford, dray72710, & bmwesa try this link and got to bottom of page under the heading for Finishing the project, it will show ¿Continued on page 7: SHOP TIP

8/6/2010 07:33:53 PM Report Abuse
gothmomma wrote:

In an adult size, these will make a great laptop computer desk. Gets the screen up where I can see what I'm writing without having to bend over and tire my back.

8/6/2010 11:54:21 AM Report Abuse
woodhaug wrote:

Great idea I plan on making an adult size. Great plans right at the end of shop tip. Thanks

8/6/2010 08:11:37 AM Report Abuse
smallengineserv wrote:

Click on "SHOP TIP" go down the page - Right under "© Copyright Meredith Corporation 2004, 2010" In BLUE LETTERS it says "Click here for free down loadable plan" Click on it - it doeswork and plans a clear and easy to read.

8/5/2010 01:32:50 PM Report Abuse
cweant wrote:

Look on the "Shop Tip" page directly below the Copyright. "© Copyright Meredith Corporation 2004, 2010"

8/5/2010 10:35:36 AM Report Abuse
cweant wrote:

Did you try down loading the PDF file? It is on the last page.

8/2/2010 01:11:20 PM Report Abuse

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