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Childs Toy Pendulum Cradle

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Time for a Finish
Parts being drilled together
Enlarge Image
With the stretcher (G) supported on
the spacers and clamped between the
support assemblies, drill pilot
holes into the stretchers, and drive in
the screws.
Cradle being hooked up to stand
Enlarge Image
Apply paraffin wax to the cradle dowels;
then install the cradle between
the supports. Clamp the cradle to the
support at one end to ease assembly
at the opposite end.
Materials list
Enlarge Image
Various boards
Enlarge Image

Time for a Finish

Assemble and apply the finish
  1. Mark a centerline on the top edge of the stretcher (G) at both ends, and mark a centerline with the grain on the inside face of the supports (E).
  2. From scrap, cut two 7/8"-thick spacers 6" long for positioning the stretcher against the supports.
  3. With the stretcher supported by the spacers at each end, clamp the support assemblies (E/F) to the stretcher, as shown in photo above right, aligning the stretcher and support centerlines. Now, in the center of the counterbores in the supports, drill pilot and countersunk shank holes for the mounting screws to the depth shown on Drawing 1, and drive in the screws. Sand the assembled frame to 220 grit, and remove the dust.
  4. Remove the screws from one support assembly, and separate it from the frame. Check the fit of the dowels in the cradle ends (A) with the hole in the spacer (D) on the removed support. Sand the dowels as necessary so they rotate freely in the spacer but are not loose. With the free end of the stretcher supported by a 7/8"-thick spacer, install the cradle in the frame, as shown in photo below right. Then, drive in the screws to reattach the removed support assembly. Finally, glue the four plugs that you set aside earlier into the counterbores in the supports. Let the glue dry overnight, then sand the plugs flush.
  5. Check the doll cradle for any roughness and sharp edges, then sand any areas that need it. Remove the dust. To finish the cherry doll cradle, apply a stain followed by two coats of a clear finish, sanding to 320 grit between coats. (We used Minwax Cherrywood Gel Stain and aerosol polyurethane.)
  6. To finish the pine doll cradle, apply two coats of primer, sanding between coats to 220 grit. Then apply two coats of a paint of your choice. (We used Glidden's interior latex flat paint, color Seed Pearl.)



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