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Childs Toy Pendulum Cradle

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Now for the Frame
Drawing marked with F
Enlarge Image
Marking template with pen
Enlarge Image
With the profile template positioned
on the inside face of a support (E)
and aligned with the rabbet's top
edge,mark the profile on the

Now for the Frame

Make the support frame
  1. From 1/2"-thick stock, use a circle cutter to cut two 1 1/2"-diameter discs for the spacers (D). Clamp a disc, with a backer board underneath, in a handscrew or drill-press vise. Centering on the circle cutter's pilot hole, drill a 3/4" hole through the spacer. Repeat for the other spacer. Then, sand the spacers and set them aside.
  2. Cut the supports (E), feet (F), and stretcher (G) to size. Cut a 2" dado 3/8" deep on the outside face of the feet and a mating 1 3/4" rabbet 3/8" deep on the inside face of the supports, where shown on Drawing 1, to form a lap joint between the parts.
  3. Referring to Drawing 2, lay out the 1" radii at the top ends of the feet (F) and the 1/4" cutout at the bottom. Bandsaw the feet to shape, and sand smooth.
  4. Refer to Drawing 1 for the location of the profile on the supports (E). Then, mark the profile at the bottom of a support on its inside face, as shown in photo. Reposition the template at the top of the support on its inside face with the rounded top end of the template flush with the support's end. Mark the complete template contour on the support. Also, insert a nail or an awl through the 1/8" hole in the template, and mark the centerpoint for a 3/4" hole to receive the cradle dowel. Draw lines to connect the contours along both edges of the support. Mark the other support.
  5. Bandsaw and sand the two supports (E) to shape. Using a 3/4" Forstner bit, drill a 1/2"-deep hole at the marked location on each part.
  6. Using the template, mark the profile on both ends of the stretcher (G) along both edges, where shown on Drawing 1.
  7. Draw lines to join the profiles; then bandsaw and sand to shape. Rout 1/4" round-overs along the top and bottom edges of the stretcher, where shown.
  8. Glue and clamp the supports (E) to the feet (F). With the glue dry, rout 1/4" round-overs along the top edges of the assemblies and on the cutout area at the bottom of the feet, where shown. Using a 3/8" Forstner bit, drill 1/4"-deep counterbores on the outside face of the supports, where shown. Do not drill the countersunk shank holes in the counterbores until indicated.
  9. Cut two 1 1/2"-long pieces from a 3/4" dowel. Insert a dowel (no glue) into the hole in the top of each support. Now, glue and clamp the spacers (D) to the supports, centering them on the dowels. Remove the dowels.

Continued on page 6:  Time for a Finish



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