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Childs Toy Pendulum Cradle

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Shape the Parts Continued
Drawing of entire cradle
Enlarge Image
Bench with table saw
Enlarge Image
Marking template with pen
Enlarge Image
Use the template to mark the profile
on one face of the sides (B) along
the top edge at each end. Use a
straightedge to draw a line
connecting the profiles.

Shape the Parts Continued

4 Bandsaw and sand the blanks to shape. Using a 3/4" Forstner bit and centering it on the marked hole location at the top of each blank, drill a 1/4"-deep hole to receive the cradle dowel. Now, rout 1/8" round-overs on all edges except the bottom, where shown on Drawing 1, and sand the routed edges smooth. You'll drill the 3/8" counterbores later.

5 Cut the sides (B) to the size listed in the Materials List. Referring to Drawings 1 and 1a, bevel-rip a 1/4" groove 1/4" deep and 1/4" from the bottom of each side piece on its inside face to receive the bottom (C). Then, bevel-rip a 15° angle along the bottom edge of both pieces, where shown.

6 From 1/4" hardboard, cut a 2 1/2x5" blank to form a profile template. You'll use it to mark the profile on the sides (B), and later the supports (E) and the stretcher (G). Make a photocopy of the full-size profile pattern in the Free Downloadable Plan. Adhere the pattern to the hardboard with spray adhesive. Bandsaw and sand the template to shape. Then, drill a 1/8" marking hole through the template where shown on the pattern.

7 Refer to Drawing 1 for the location of the profile on the sides (B). Then, using the profile template, mark the profile on the side pieces, as shown in photo. Bandsaw and sand to the marked lines on each piece. Rout 1/8" round-overs along the top edges, where shown.

8 From 1/4" hardwood plywood, cut the bottom (C) to size. Now, finish-sand the ends, sides, and bottom to 220 grit.

Continued on page 4:  Assemble the Pieces



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