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Childs Toy Pendulum Cradle

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Shape the Parts
Marking template with pen
Enlarge Image
Use the template to mark the profile
on one face of the sides (B) along
the top edge at each end. Use a
straightedge to draw a line
connecting the profiles.

Shape the Parts

First up: the cradle parts
  1. Edge-join enough 3/4"-thick stock to form an 11x27" blank for the ends (A). Then, plane the blank to 1/2" thick, and crosscut it to form two 11 x 13" blanks.
  2. From 1/4" hardboard, cut an 11 x 13" blank to form a template for the end pieces. Make two photocopies of the end full-size half-pattern in the Free Downloadable Plans. Trim the patterns to shape. Turn one half-pattern over, and align and tape it to the other half-pattern to make a complete end pattern. Using a nail or an awl, punch a small hole through the pattern at the centerpoints for the four 3/8" counterbores and for the 3/4" hole at the top. Adhere the pattern to the template with spray adhesive. Bandsaw and sand the template to shape. Then, drill 1/8" holes through the template at the punched-hole locations.
  3. Place the template on the outside face of one of the 11x13" blanks with the bottom edges aligned, and transfer the shape to the blank. Also, insert a nail or an awl into each of the 1/8" holes in the template and mark the hole centerpoints on the blank. Now, mark the other blank.

Continued on page 3:  Shape the Parts Continued



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