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Step-right-up stepstool

Put together a handy shelf to go underneath
How-to drilling
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Screw the crossbar (C) into place to
clamp the joints at the correct angle.
Stool 2
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Put together a handy shelf to go underneath

1. Cut parts C, D, and E to size, and bevel the ends. Bandsaw the centered handle notch in part C.

2. Dry-assemble parts A, B, and C to check the fit of C. If the part seems too short, plane or saw a little off the top (notched) edge. If it is too long, trim equal amounts from each end.

3. Form a 3/8" rabbet 1/4" deep along the bottom inside edge of each part D. Clamp the spreaders (D) and shelf (E) together, then drill and countersink screw holes from the bottom. Glue and screw the assembly together.

4. Disassemble parts A, B, and C. Apply yellow glue to the box joints, assemble them, and clamp. (Clamps with rubber or soft plastic pads grip better on the angled sides.) After pulling the joints up snugly, remove the clamps. Install part C, drill pilot holes into the ends, and drive in the screws, as shown right.

5. Install the shelf assembly (D/E). Drill pilot holes into the shelf, and drive in the screws.

6. Using a plug cutter, cut 12 screw-hole plugs from the part A waste. Glue the plugs into the counterbores, aligning the grain to make them as inconspicuous as possible. After the glue dries, trim the plugs flush. Sand the joints flush, and finish-sand the stool.

Continued on page 6:  Put on a long-lasting finish


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