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Step-right-up stepstool

Sides for you stepstool
Stool 2
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How-to box jointing
Clamp the workpiece to the jig, and
press down at the back for stability
while sawing.

Sides for you stepstool

4. Cut the box joints in the sides (A), using the jig and a 1/2" dado blade set to a 3/4" cutting depth as shown top. To start, remove the guide block from the jig. Align the layout marks for the first space on the right with the dado blade. Clamp the workpiece to the jig, then saw the space.

Replace the guide block in the jig. Place the dado you just sawed over the guide pin, clamp the part to the jig face, and make the cut. Saw all the fingers on both sides (A) this way.

5. Cut the mating fingers on both ends of the top (B). Again, remove the guide block to make the first cut on each end, and replace it for subsequent ones.

Because of the wider fingers at the outside of the joint, the first and last cut on both ends of the top (B) will be wider than the dado blade. Make these cuts in two passes.

6. Saw the tapered edges on the sides (A). (Save the waste pieces to cut screw-hole plugs from later.) Drill and counterbore the screw holes where shown, and bandsaw the arch that forms the feet. Sand both pieces smooth.

7. Dry-assemble parts A and B. Mark the width and bevel on part B, and bevel-rip it to width.

8. Lay out the oval handle opening in the top (B). Bore two 1?" holes to form the handle ends, and cut between them with a scrollsaw or jigsaw. Rout a 1/2" round-over around the top and bottom of the handle opening.

Continued on page 5:  Put together a handy shelf to go underneath


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