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Tablesaw Sanding Table

A built-in dust chute links it directly to your shop vacuum or dust collector. We designed this sanding table to fit a 10" JET Contractor's Saw.


We designed this sanding table to fit a 10" Jet Contractor's Saw. You'll probably have to alter the table's size to fit your particular saw. Dust catchers such as ours aren't meant to replace dust-collection devices you're already using. This one is a site-specific accessory that helps you manage the fine dust that results from using a handheld pad sander. Note also the handy built-in tool tray for storing sanding blocks, pushsticks, and other workshop items.

Build the table as shown in the Exploded View below to fit your particular saw. We used a piece of perforated hardboard to mark the numerous hole locations. Drill the holes and then countersink them slightly. Use a piece of duct out the back of the unit to fit your dust-collection system or shop vacuum.


Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials
Part Finished Size Mat'l. Qty.
A tabletop 3/4" 24" 27-1/8" MF 1
B spacers 3/4" 2-3/16" 25-5/8" H 4
C end caps 3/4" 2-3/16" 24" H 2
D bottom 1/4" 15-1/2" 27-1/8" HB 1
E screen molding 3/16" 3/4" 25-5/8" H 2
F screen molding 3/16" 3/4" 8-1/2" H 2
G sides 3/4" 5" 25-1/2" H 2
H end cap 3/4" 5" 5" H 1
I bottom 1/4" 6-1/2" 26" HB 1

Materials Key: MF-medium density fiberboard, H-hardwood (maple or birch), HB-hardboard.

Supplies: #8x1" flathead wood screws, #8x1-1/2" flathead wood screws, 1/2" hardware cloth, plastic laminate, #6x3/4" panhead sheet-metal screws, 4" round duct 5" long, #17x1" wire nails.

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