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Light clamp puts hose where you need it

Light clamp puts hose where you need it

Although many power tools now include dust-collection ports, removing debris while boring on a drill press remains a challenge. Here’s a simple rig that allows you to position a vacuum hose near the bit, yet easily reposition it when necessary.

Remove the socket and reflector from one of those inexpensive clamp-on work lights; then fit a 1-14 " shop-vacuum hose into the clamp where the socket was, as shown above. Now clamp the hose to your drill-press column. By loosening a single wing nut on the clamp, you can swivel the hose to wherever you want it, and lock its position by simply tightening the same nut.
Ed Bahor, St. Albans, W. Va.

Light clamp puts hose where you need it
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