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Drum-Sanding Table

Drum Sanding
A convenient station for cleaning up contours

This handy table helps you in three important ways. First, it has a dust-collection port for capturing fine dust before it becomes airborne. The table also accepts inserts that you size to tightly fit your sanding drums. That provides workpiece support and improves dust-collection efficiency. And, with storage areas for sanding drums and inserts, you'll always be organized.

To make the opening in the top for the inserts, first cut a 3-1/2"-square hole using a jigsaw. Then, use your router to form the 1/4" rabbet around the opening. Square the corners with a chisel, or leave them round and sand the corners of the inserts to fit the opening. We made our inserts from 1/4" melamine-coated polyboard, but any hardboard or plywood will do.

To use the table, install the applicable hardboard insert, and position the table so that the sanding drum is centered with the hole in the insert. Clamp the table in place, and adjust the drill-press table, if necessary, to square the sanding surface with the drill-press spindle. Attach the hose from your vacuum, and you're set to go.

Written by: Owen Duvall
Illustration: Roxanne LeMoine; Lorna Johnson
Photograph: Baldwin Photography

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Drum Sanding
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