Adjustable Angle Jig

Make this simple tool for your drill-press table and you'll never have to eyeball the angle of a hole again.

Adjustable Angle Jig

Build the jig as shown and dimensioned on the drawings. The base (A) must be longer than your drill-press table so the friction lid supports (one at each end of the jig) clear the table ends. Use a piano hinge to secure the adjustable support (B) to the plywood base (A). A pair of friction lid supports allow you to angle the support and lock it securely in position. The rest block (C) allows you to position the support parallel to the drill-press table.

To use the jig, loosen both wing nuts so the support can swivel freely. Then, using a T-bevel or an adjustable triangle to set the required angle of the support to the drill bit, tighten the wing nuts to secure the support in place. Clamp the jig to your drill-press table. Drill a test hole to verify the angle. Once verified, drill the angled holes in your workpiece.

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