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Bolt-on-Drill-Press Table

Get some much-needed stock support with this easy add-on table.

Make this simple tool for your drill-press table and you'll never have to eyeball the angle of a hole again.

Here's a quick-fix jig that will come in handy the next time you need to bore a vertical hole into the end of a long workpiece.

Make perfectly spaced shelf-pin holes with a portable drill and this simple jig.

Wood chips and sawdust don't stay around long when you hook up this clamp-down collector to your shop vacuum or dust-collection system.

Sand perfect round-end cutouts on your drill press or spindle sander.

A convenient station for cleaning up contours. This handy table helps you in three ways. It has a dust-collection port, storage area, and accepts inserts that you size to tightly fit your sanding drums.

Keep your fingers safe and your workpiece steady with a few pieces of wood and the turn of a T-nut.

Simple, but efficient, this holder adds precision while cutting down time.

This handy workshop accessory goes together in a jiffy. Imagine having your drill in a place where you can find it at all times, and fully charged to boot.

This rotating organizer goes wherever you need it.

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