Pipe-Clamp Support U-Blocks

Clamp set-up on workbench
Controlling pipe clamps is easy with a little help from your workbench's dog holes.

Pipe-Clamp Support U-Blocks

You can hold pipe clamps securely during panel glue-ups with these doglike U-blocks. To make a matching pair, first cut a 1 1/2"-thick piece to 3x3" as shown in the Cutting/Drilling Diagram, top drawing. Then, drill the centered dowel holes on opposite edges. Drill either a 3/4" or 1" hole (based on the diameters of pipes) through the center of the face of the block.

Cut the blocks in half where shown, and then cut and glue in dowels sized to fit the dogholes in your benchtop, bottom drawing. During use, place a pair of U-blocks under each pipe, as shown.

For more in-depth information on gluing and clamping, visit our Gluing and Clamping section in the WOOD Store.

Cutting Diagram/U-Block Assembly

Clamp set-up on workbench
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