Band clamp strap holders

Band clamp strap holders 1

I got tired of finding my band clamps all balled up in a drawer, so I devised these ultra-simple holders to keep them in order. Using a parting tool, I turned 1/8x1/8" grooves in a 2"-long 3/4" dowel, where shown in the drawing, below. Next, I cut a 1/2" dowel to 1-1/8" long, bored a 3/16" hole through its center, and threaded a rubber band through the hole.

To store my clamps, I wrap the loose end of the strap around the 3/4" dowel "core," and then secure it with the rubber band and small dowel. When I need to use the clamps, I just unroll as much as I need. If you ever use those ratcheting tie-down straps for your truck or trailer, you can use the same method, but you may need to lengthen the "core" dowel to suit wider straps.

Marc Phillips, Warner Robins, Ga.

For more in-depth information on gluing and clamping, visit our Gluing and Clamping section in the WOOD Store.

Band clamp strap holders 2

Band clamp strap holders 1
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