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Clamping Tips and Projects

Keys to building forever-flat tabletop

To make a flat solid-wood tabletop that stays flat throughout its life, you need to choose, prepare, machine, and join its boards correctly. Sound tricky? Not at all -- just follow these tips.

Woodworkers often turn to their hobby to relax. But the time pressure of completing an assembly before the glue dries often creates the very stress you want to avoid. Don't blow a blood vessel: Take a deep breath, kick up your feet, and have a nice herbal tea while you read these helpful tips to help you banish the stress from your glue-up routine.

Big assemblies, tiny projects, curves, and angles all make tough work for getting your clamps in place. These quick tips help you overcome many difficult clamping situations.

These tips will save you time, grief, and, quite possibly, your project.

Own a welder? Or know someone who does? Then try this.

Tired of finding your band clamps all balled up in a drawer. Devise these ultra simple holders to keep them in order.

"Splice" your one-handed bar clamps-end-to end to increase clamping capacity.

Before you attach new plywood to the top of your workbench when it wears out, our expert offers an alternative that won't put holes in your workbench.

Hardwood clamp blocks make an adequate substitute, but you may have trouble juggling them during the glue-up process.

Too much clamping pressure can result in glue-starved joints. Here's how to keep cool under pressure.

This overhead rack easily holds several dozen small clamps of any type. You can hang your longer bar clamps and pipe clamps directly on the bench itself for convenient, easy access.

"What's on TV tonight?" In this shop, it's an organized set of clamps.

Sure, you could fiddle with odd scraps for clamp blocks, but this quick-and-easy clamp block jig will make glue-ups go more smoothly.

To help clamping go smoothly when edge-joining boards, we devised an edge-gluing fixture that directs clamping pressure to the center of the workpieces.

Upright and ready to go when you need them, folded down and out of the way when you don't, these pipe-clamp supports add versatility to any workbench.

With its open-frame design, this rack accommodates a variety of clamps in a compact space.

Top notch joinery doesn't mean anything if you don't get a good clamp-up. Try these tips to accomplish just that.

Sturdy steel rods won't bend or break.

There's no substitute for accuracy when cutting frame pieces. Let us show you the way to tight miters.

Do you have some old bicycle inner tubes hanging around? If so, here's a unique way to get more mileage out of them.

For more woodworking plans for organizing your claps and other shop tools, visit the Jigs, Fences, Organizers, and Accessories section within the WOOD Store.

Need added pressure? These provide it.

Let a few scraps of hardwood and hardboard remove the hassle from gluing up panels.

Controlling pipe clamps is easy with a little help from your workbench's dog holes.

Build a pair of these supports to raise your panel-making to a higher level.

Build this simple press to glue up a stack of bowl blanks or other laminations where you need greater reach than allowed by the throats of most clamps.

Tips, helpers, and pointers from WOOD magazine readers aimed at making your shop time more productive.

Put these tips to work in your shop for quicker more efficient clamping.

Our Peg Board rack keeps tools ready for work.

Nothing left to know about gluing and clamping? Here are some tried-and-true methods for ensuring your success.

Clamping a large carcase, especially when working alone can be tricky. Here are a few tips for a square assembly.

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