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Bandsaw fence

Keep your blade on track

Bandsaws are like after-dinner speakers: They're a lot more enjoyable if they don't wander too far off course. Here's the jig you need to produce nice, straight cuts. Begin by cutting the pieces and assembling them as shown in the drawings, available in pdf below. Once you have all the parts assembled, position the fence on your bandsaw, and tighten the 3/8" handle to secure the fence in place. Test-rip on a piece of scrap, and alternately loosen one machine screw and tighten the other until the fence is parallel to the cutting track of the blade. Be sure to loosen and tighten the screws the same amount to avoid bowing the fence.

--Chuck Hedlund, WOODŽ magazine

* Is this your first time working with a PDF?


Comments (9)
lds1925shaf wrote:

What Magazine issue were the plans in????

2/5/2015 09:11:24 AM Report Abuse
strogey wrote:

I am considering one of these for my small bandsaw. Can/would someone please post what issue this was originally published in or where the article can be found? I tried the link to the instructions but the page could not be located. I am curios as to the reasoning behind the tapered part. Thanks in advance.

1/22/2015 02:28:07 PM Report Abuse
ussscamp wrote:

My last comment was apparently a mis-print when downloaded. After completion, fence works as it should. My only comment now is that with my saw, I need more adjustment than allowed with this fence. I just need to build a wider fence allowing for greater angle.

9/20/2014 02:32:26 PM Report Abuse
ussscamp wrote:

Your dimensions for bandsaw fence show everything as (fi") what in the world in fi"?

9/16/2014 06:30:03 PM Report Abuse
fredj608 wrote:

Why, oh WHY, can't you get your web people to make the images enlarge in Safari????? I found that Firefox for Mac will allow image enlargement, but it's not my preferred web browser on my Mac.

7/20/2013 06:08:43 PM Report Abuse
lauromaciasjr wrote:

i also buit this fence,it work for me

4/19/2012 03:09:37 PM Report Abuse
russ-jill wrote:; Aluminum plate on end of fence rests against far side of table. 3/4 x 1 1/2 x 8" "crossboard" rests against edge of table closest to you. Tightening knob tensions the two to "clamp" the fence to the table. Lyndamike1209599 has the better idea by using thicker aluminum and threading it. I foresee using a wrench to hold the locknut while tightening the knob if done as in the instructions. Note, I haven't built this yet, but it's on my "to do" list and one day I will get to it!

12/29/2011 07:24:13 PM Report Abuse
carguy0808 wrote:

I built this fence, and have it installed on my old sears 12inch bandsaw and can now rip perfectly straight lines. I was getting rid of the b/s because it would never cut straight, it is now my go to tool for ripping when I need to save on wood.

5/19/2011 06:05:16 PM Report Abuse
lyndamike1209599 wrote:

It would work better if the aluminum plate was 1/4" thick and tapped for the all-thread rod. Otherwise, the nut will just spin when the knob is turned. Also, I would relieve the back end of the body 1/16" starting 3/8" from the top so the aluminum plate has room to move to clamp the table. The "shank holes" for the #6 screws in the aluminum plate should 5/32" diameter so the screws are loose in the holes. (#6 screws are .138" diameter.)

5/19/2011 11:23:47 AM Report Abuse

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