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Miter with Muscle


Brad nailer next to corner
Pop in a pin

Reinforce a mitered joint quickly and easily with a pneumatic brad nailer or pinner. Nailer reinforcement works equally well on frames or boxes. Short, thin (23-gauge) pins reinforce joints in thin stock with less risk of splitting. A brad nailer works well in heavier stock.

But beware one major drawback: The thin nail might follow the grain and break out through the surface of smaller pieces. Prevent that by avoiding overly long fasteners and driving them as far from an edge as practical. Pinners, which drive a smaller, headless fastener, are ideal for thin, narrow parts. For the most secure joint, drive a brad or pin into the joint from each side.

Another benefit: You can pop these fasteners into the joint while the glue is still wet so the brads or pins hold the joint together without the need for clamps. Still, allow the adhesive to cure fully before handling the assembly.


Wood Magazine