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Dust-collection solutions


Loc-Line Modular System
Try an articulated hose

When you've got to have dust collection in hard-to-reach areas or places where a 4" hose gets in the way, attach a Loc-Line articulated hose to your shop vacuum (or with a reducer to a larger dust-collection system). Bend Loc-Line to almost any configuration, and snap on a nozzle to place the suction right where you need it. Use couplers to join multiple lengths of hose. We like Loc-Line for use with any stationary sander, as well as drill presses and router-table operations when you can't use a fence-mounted dust port.

Loc-Line Modular System
2 1/2"x23" hose
Adapters and nozzles
Lockwood Products, 800-423-1625

Where to buy: Lee Valley Tools,
800-871-8158, leevalley.com;

Four Dust Collectors

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