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Big Gulp Ultimate Dust Hood

Catch a broad blast of debris...

While no single accessory will catch all the dust and chips that go airborne when turning wood, the Big Gulp Ultimate Dust Hood, shown, gobbles up a lot of it. When tethered to a 1-hp or larger dust collector with 4" hose, the Big Gulp gathers in most of the chips made when hollowing out a bowl or vessel. It's especially effective at sucking up sanding dust from turnings—the stuff you'd breathe into your lungs otherwise.

The Big Gulp mounts between the ways of any lathe bed on three slotted arms with locking knobs, allowing you to position the hood where you need help most. You can also get it on a floor stand (model #DBU30) or the long-armed Dust Picker (model #DPICKER2), which has a smaller hood, for dust collection behind a mitersaw, radial-arm saw, or other dust-spewing tool.

Big Gulp Ultimate Dust Hood
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