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Sampling of WOOD's Top Tips, Part 1


Cranky Routers

Cranky routers raise without a fuss

In the course of testing the do-it-all routers, I found myself making hundreds of turns of the included router-raising wrenches. Hands cramping, I decided to speed the process by converting the hex-head wrenches to cranks.

To make one for your router, start with two square 1/2" MDF blanks with sides equal to the handle's length (or, in the case of an L-shaped wrench, double the short leg's length). Cut a centered slot in each of the blanks to snugly fit the wrench handle, and drill a centered hole in the bottom blank for the wrench. Then drill and countersink the bottom blank and secure the two blanks together with screws, as shown. Bandsaw the joined blanks round. Finally, disassemble, drill a 3/8" hole through the top blank to fit a 2"-long dowel, and reassemble with the wrench in place, gluing the dowel into its hole.

—Jan Svec, Des Moines, Iowa

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