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America's Best Home Workshops 2010, Part 2


Interior view of shop, white tablesaws, brown floor
Added elbow room

Actually, Rod Cox, native of St. Paul, a farm town in southeast Iowa (population 118), entertained a barnful of ideas about the construction and features of his new shop. When he decided that his detached two-car garage workshop had too many demands placed upon it--mainly, the parking of his pickup, wife Jolene's car, and two Victory motorcycles--he made his big move. He designed and then contracted the building of a 30x36' addition onto the back of his garage. To allow room for his ceiling lights and dust-collection ducting, he designed a 9' ceiling. The attic above the ceiling, accessed by a ceiling door and drop-down ladder, provides plenty of secondary storage.

See all of Rod Cox's 30x36' addition onto the back of his garage.

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